That naughty boy annoys me by his pranks.


I don't think I'm overreacting.

Have him come.

This is kind of cool.

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You seem better.

I see her every day.

Patricia is dying to get out of here.

What time is Juha getting here?

Sedat wiped the blood off his sword.


Please let me know if it hurts.

She wears flamboyant clothes to draw attention.

The river flows between the two countries.


Have you spoken with him yet?

The address you're looking for is very near the city hall.

Your views are quite opposite to mine.


Looking out the window, I saw a car coming.

I'm busy, so I can't go.

"Does it taste good?" "Yeah, it's good."

The Japanese are not well trained, so far as social life is concerned.

TV's boring today.

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Does he like his new job?

Everything's normal.

I haven't read the comments yet.

I was completely shocked.

No one can know.


They claimed credit for tax reduction.

The rain being over, they went on with the game.

Even though she was trying to hide it, I could hear desperation in Hillary's voice.


He ran water into the bathtub.

Why isn't anything happening?

I think you've been punished enough.


It was a great pleasure!

Romain is in a meeting with Kristian.

There are many postcards in this store.

This is the last food there is on this boat.

Maybe we're doing this all backwards.

He doesn't have any friends.

He stole into the house and immediately went to bed without being noticed by anyone.

I haven't said yes yet.

Caleb hasn't talked to Toft in years.


Obscenity is whatever happens to shock some elderly and ignorant magistrate.

Laura adored him, and he was ready to kiss her shoe-strings.

You're here right now.

I'm sure Margot doesn't want to be here.

A contented mind is a perpetual feast.

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It seems obvious that he is sick.

Jos was killed with a fireplace poker.

Maarten saw a notice on a lamp post offering a reward for the return of a lost dog that answers to the name of Winston.


Marriage is the tomb of life.

Do me a favour and shut up!

"You're blushing!" "No, I'm not."

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Could you leave us alone?

Ira sat on the stump loading his gun.

I made a royal mess of that exam.

Malloy was arrested in Boston.

Then speak now or forever hold your peace.

Alan is coming next week.

It's the first time I eat camel meat.

How do you know it'll be terrible?

It won't do any good to argue with the manager.

He came first. Therefore he got a good seat.

His words excited everyone, even the opposition.

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Tad seems harmless.

Get out of my life. I detest you.

They got Louiqa.


He was very excited.


Do you have the key to this?


Does this train stop at the Kunshan station?


Why don't you help him?

He looks pale. He must have drunk too much last night.

Brad knows we aren't happy.

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They were soldiers.

You're a little drunk, aren't you?

What a stupid comment!

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Let's all go.

Vic is in a bad mood now.

Please free the captured birds.

I don't think Toerless and Gerald should get married.

That would be fine.

I couldn't help with anything.

The answer is complicated.

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Benjamin is teaching a class right now.

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People must learn to be satisfied.

She is a girl full of sentiment.

The idea of seeing my mother thrills me very much.

You can watch movies with English subtitles using this link.

Emma drew a house and a tree.

It was a small wedding.

I'd like to wake Joanne up myself.

The teacher accused one of his students of being noisy in class.

I don't feel like doing anything tonight.

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Hirotoshi's as bald as a badger, but he had a full head of hair when he was young.

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Where did you hear that from?

Who are you describing?

Thomas lives in France but works in Belgium.


I hated you at first.


I am honored to meet you.

We were tired and hungry.

Victor slammed the door shut just to annoy Irfan.

Send this message to as many people as you can.

Interlingua is easy to learn.

Things are not always black and white.

There isn't much money in this business.

He is in his first year at college.

You're not going to believe it.

I think I should've helped Brendan.

Denis told me that he was too tired to study.

Have you actually ever tried it?

Put your boots on.

They'll stay with me.

The letter T is a common consonant.

Please sew these buttons on.

They're going to kill you.


Jeffery goes to the market only if Ariel goes to the market.

What'll I tell Cristopher?

I'm sorry, but he isn't home.

It wasn't a maintenance problem.

Joon doesn't need to worry about it.

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I said I'll be fine.

All I want to do is sit here.

Stop it. He's our friend, isn't he?

I admit that what you say is true, but I don't like the way you say it.

It's a lovely day today.


Don't you tend to get carsick?

The dictionary is of great use to me.

We've learned from our mistakes.

They began to kiss.

You didn't tell Shai where to meet us, did you?

Manny can rely on Stanly to be on time.

I do know when your plane will land, but not when it takes off.

Will this medicine really do me any good?

He doesn't get jokes.


He developed his talent for painting after fifty.


I want to leave Paris.

He has a wife and two young children to provide for.

She lives in a two-story house.

I've had no problems with them.

Alexandra switched to Russian.


I believe that the world has many serious problems.

Can anything be done for him?

Several students were absent from school because of colds.

Why is my bag empty?

I stuck with it until I was finished.

He lays on his back.

The poltergeist was throwing objects around the room.


I always stay at their house when I'm in town.

I still have some money in hand.

You might want to put this someplace safe.


What would you do in that situation?

He's trying to be cool.

Then you will have money and you will be happy.

Imported goods can be difficult to obtain.

Beverly was supposed to meet me at 2:30.


Scott started to laugh and was joined by everyone in the room.

I'm here for them.

We both agree.


Have you met a lot of Esperantists here?

I cannot greet Tania in Slovene. I don't know this language.

I'll meet you later for lunch.

I will do what ever I can for you

Only the person who becomes an adult while staying a child is a human being.

They dared not look me in the face.

The train was full, so she was obliged to travel second-class, and had to stand all the way.