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We yelled at her, asking her to pay attention.

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What're you after?

You can see from his chin that takes after his father.

The trees are planted three meters apart.

No matter what may happen, you mustn't forget your smile.

The man suddenly started shooting his gun.


The lock doesn't catch.

Shall I follow you?

He really got to me.

Mr. Johnson is a wonderful music teacher.

That made Tad uncomfortable.

There may be microscopes involved, bringing us ever closer to the heart of the matter; but even microbiology is objective, adding to knowledge by putting space between an object and its observer.

She doesn't use salt when cooking.


He set himself up in life.

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I'm going inside.

I've forgotten Elijah's last name.

You didn't seem surprised.

Liber does things his own way.

My favorite pizza is pepperoni pizza.


Writing in this forum is just a game. Don't take it seriously as if we're making products.

My grandson's toys are spread all around the house.

Do you think I don't understand what your plan consists in?

If it was light I'd have read it.

What do you want with me?

Marcos's a big coward.

I'd better get home.

This study compares the immigration policies of various nations.

I'd like to rent your most inexpensive car for a week.


She danced with joy.


Economic development proceeded slowly.

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The pot can't call the kettle black.


Please pick me up at the airport at five.

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We think that there should be no more wars.


Yesterday we let our hair down.

She's wrapped up in her children.

We're almost finished.

Don't just take my word for it.

The last time our family got together was three Christmases ago.

Perhaps he will never be famous.

Burn the body.


Your name says everything.

The walls between old allies on either side of the Atlantic cannot stand.

He's a wonderful educator.

Neither of those two students passed the test.

Too often, wisdom is simply prudence that has ground to a halt.

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The patient is getting worse and worse day by day.

Just let her speak.

If you do that, you'll be making a fool of yourself.

Tokyo Station is usually very busy.

I know you're licking it when I'm not around.

Yes, I speak Spanish.

Do you want to go sky diving?


Who invented this machine?

How many lessons is the examination going to cover?

How are you getting along with your new classmates?

Don't bother me anymore.

The grand jury decided not to indict the police officer.


I felt an impulse to cry out loud.


I'm too tired to help.

If it were up to me, I'd have you all exiled.

Yeah, there was some sort of reply from them.


I took the 10:30 train, which was ten minutes late.

A string of disasters struck the region.

A bilingual person can change from one language to another in the middle of a sentence, and this code-switching is a topic of study for linguists.


I did a little bit of everything.

What's their location?

We heard her cry.

Import goods are subject to high taxes.

"Are you sure it's a human bone?", said Sundaresan while putting his shoes back on.


The shops were bad, but the factory was worse.

I was completely exhausted after the hike.

We've got a pretty good team.


There are too many people in that rowboat.

It can be tricky.

I'm going to work with him.


I didn't know you even knew James.

You only have to ask for it.

You'd think Syun would've told someone about it.

I thought Rees had convinced Shawn not to buy that.

The farmers use water buffalos to plow rice fields.

A tongue is the most venomous thing of all.

Do you have a Twitter account?

You've always loved Jesus, haven't you?

You'll have to manufacture some kind of excuse.


He went on walking in the rain without an umbrella.

What is your address?

She's slim and sexy.


We're trying to restrain them.

Something happened to Manolis.

I think it necessary that you should do so.

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Your anger is understandable.

Nguyen put his pistol under his pillow.

At least you had fun.


I'll be sure to tell Pamela.

Stacy and I recognized each other even though we hadn't seen each other for years.

Have you decided what your Halloween costume will be?

Do you think we shouldn't have told Barry about this?

The first time I held my girlfriend's hand was in the haunted house.

A pig will wallow in the mud in order to cool down.

His mother is not as old as she looks.


Berlusconi sucks.

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What was that song you were singing?

Have you seen him recently?

You're being unfair.

We know you.

She recollected the first day when she went to school.

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Put me in touch with her.


Anne has many admirers.

He tried to fasten his attention on the letter.

It's your responsibility to do that.

Would you like to wait?

I ended up apologizing.

I will accept the work, provided you help me.

Who does Marek pal around with?


That's all I said.

Jeremy opened the door and walked in.

We were starting to worry you wouldn't make it in time.

Tell me what you ate for lunch.

We're getting ready for Bart's visit.

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I deceived her.


Leo has been working in an investment bank for the last few years.

He went to London two years ago.

We've got one hour to find her.

This morning the weather is cloudy.

Next time you come, don't forget to give it back to me.

The report made much of that fact.

He absented himself from classes.

Perry says he hasn't been sleeping well.

The industrial production of livestock is the leading contributor to greenhouse gases.

I know the problem.

Has anything like this happened before?

We need to do better than that.

The first victim was one of my best friends and his loss caused me a great deal of grief; the second victim was merely a German.

What's your favorite color for shoes?

I have an extraordinary appetite.

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Haven't you eaten lunch?

That was significant.

Kee glanced at the book.


Bob is so happy.


We're not going home.

Where's my mom?

Are we ready to proceed now with the jury selection?

Someone should set those boys straight.

Were you happy with the results?


I left a note on your door yesterday.

Squirrels are nimble in climbing trees.

He fled when he saw me.


How long are you planning on staying?

Christophe will take care of us.

The woman used a nasal spray because she had a severe cold.


Could it be a virus?


Peggy pulled something out of his pocket and showed it to Jeffie.

Tanning can cause skin cancer.

He carries himself with the majesty of a king.

War is the father of all.

The school is keeping me occupied.


Admittedly, it wasn't the best meal I've ever eaten.

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The meeting was held at the principal's office.