Take everything.


His hat looked very funny.

Where do I get an airport bus?

There's been a lot of discord in the office lately.


"Whose ears are these?" "They are Mickey Mouse's."

You learn a lot about your own country if you live abroad.

I'll write you a note.

She played the piano as promised.

I entered the room and shook hands with him.

Jerry has a Canadian passport.

Don't get mad at me.

Steve likes to get close to the action.

We cannot deal with such a difficult problem.

Po is a mischievous boy.

I'll be going back to the family house.

All in all, we had a good time at the party.

Beckie was perplexed.

Rome is in Italy.

The band is still together.

That sounds like a really creepy question.

My point of view is contrary to yours.

I'm the only one who understands Eva.

I can't help loving her despite her flaws.

Anatole did it last year.

Why are you tired?


Let us students contribute to the welfare of the victims of the earthquake; even loose change will go a long way.


It was incredibly fun.

Did you invite Francisco to dinner without telling me?

The newspaper said another war broke out in Africa.

It's not Liyuan.

I'll turn on the lights.

When was the last time you did that?

Jan hasn't eaten anything all day.

I was easily taken in by his smooth talk.

Laika was the first animal to orbit the Earth.

You must not be noisy.

A bad penny always turns up.

When will we have arrived?

There's got to be something I can do.

They run like pigs from a gun.

Sandip was bitten by a wild animal.

Does anyone know where you can buy birthday party invitations?

Do you remember what Kathy had on at the party?

Adam needs to leave early today.

I'm caffeined out.

Penny has worked in Australia.

What is the latest news?

I can't bear the chill of seeing everybody happy, and knowing myself so lonely and desolate.

How much time do you plan to spend on this?


English is like a gated community; access is possible but cumbersome.

Let Earnie decide.

I'm not ready for this.


This young man has a bright future.

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I'm sure Cristi had his reasons.

Everyone had recognized him.

Please bring your own fork and spoon.

That's what got me into this line of work.

The one who can walk is able as well to dance, and the one who can talk, to sing.

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Have you ever climbed Mt. Yari?


Yesterday I spent the night in jail.

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Cory has no objection to your plan.

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He kept calm in the face of the danger.

Why do you like to give yourselves foreign names?

You're really contradicting yourself.

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I thought you'd want to see this.

The interview is in German and I can't understand a word of it.

Our offer wasn't taken seriously.

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The sun is setting below the horizon.

I asked them what was wrong.

I'm walking with a girl in the garden.

We had a sound sleep.

I know how to take care of babies.

All the villagers in turn saluted the priest.

I thought it would make him laugh.

What is psychoanalysis?

Tabloids assert that the killer cucumber would have sodomised the mad cow.

Show me what you can do.

It is often said that life is short.

What else did you have?

Just slow down.


His painting wasn't particularly good, so no one praised him for it.

I don't want to support Sherri.

Steven didn't tell me why he was planning to go to Boston.

How do you expect me to do all this alone?

That's where we were today.


Medical supplies are running out.


What are we listening for?

There's no harm in looking.

You need the keys?

He gave up.

That suit is too good for me.

You can afford to speak frankly.

When an object moves away from Earth, the light that it is giving off is seen in longer wavelengths. When an object moves toward Earth, the light that it is giving off is seen in shorter wavelengths.

Everyone knows that you hit Kit.

Jones phoned just before he left.


That doesn't reassure me.

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Do you want a dinosaur to eat?

I don't do it.

The time is yet to come.


This desk has lost one of its legs.

No thought that Africa was a country.

Ikea instructions are not always perfect.

The students burned their textbooks.

Sal is going to be surprised.

Guys, I'm really mad at you.

Straka is quiet, isn't he?

You're not a girl.

Can you throw these out for me?

Good luck. You're going to need it.

This is relaxing.

Johann is a good man.

I am a single mother of four children.

He was endowed with great talents.

He said he had bought that book there the day before.

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She wants a new hat.


Darren works at the corner store.


We've no choice.


She used to give herself airs.

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That isn't a dog.

Lukas ate your candy.

It's impossible to see all the sights in Rome in one day.

The horse is a useful animal.

Change is important.

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Instead of coming directly home, I took the long way and stopped by the post office.


I think I'll get back to work.

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Tell Floria what else is on your mind.

He doesn't look very healthy.

You're forgetting her.

It is believed that Christ worked many miracles.

They are what we call hot rodders.

I want to create my own world.

She wanted to start a family with him.

Dan shot Matt in self-defence.

Even if malicious gossip is being circulated around someone, it doesn't necessarily mean that the value of that person will be diminished.

You must not deprive children of their playthings.

How are things going?


If you won't tell him, I will.

The Sphinx had eaten hundreds of people on their way to the city of Thebes, because they could not answer the riddle the cunning Sphinx had asked them.

Olson looks busy.

We've painted the walls white.

The leisure industry is sinking more money into new resorts.

I lost my travelers checks.

Saify pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket.


Please refrain from insulting me.

It can't be kept secret forever.

I feel threatened right now.

Dustin has come to pick up his children.

That serves him right.

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It cost me thirty dollars for parking.

That's a big loss.

Bush respects human rights.

Have you been here all night?

He's a wonderful educator.

The queen failed to produce a male heir for the king.

The problem here isn't Alastair.

What about girls?

She held the kitten in the same way a mother gorilla would hold her own baby.

I will call my grandmother to see whether or not she needs anything.

The teacher began to bombard me with questions.

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Do I have to answer that question?

I don't know how else to put it.

It could've been her.

She is a member of this organization.

Is Jack an Atheist?


Don't make a scene in such a public place.


I know Shamim's wife.