Niels said he wouldn't shoot an unarmed man.

Turn this around.


Let me fix us a couple of drinks first.


You're wimps!


I have a date at three.

Everybody knows her.

We send her some flower on her birthday.

It occurred to me that he had done it on purpose.

The alternative to surrender is death.

I think it's just a typo, rather than a grammatical error.

She baked an apple pie.

Edith pointed to Dana.

There is a large hole in the wall.

I meant to call you.

We're not sure what we should be doing.

Sri said he doesn't work on Mondays.

Why does everyone hate them?

You may not like it.

It was a new book.

The funeral of the popular young sports star cut down in his prime was heart wrenching.

She cried till her eyes dried.

I got sick last week.

I want to help Native Americans to preserve their languages.

I think it's about time for me to get a haircut.

I'm a woman and I don't think that it's strange at all.


Did you have a band?

Let me remind you again that March 31st is the due date.

Bonnie's project won the science fair.

Bad habits are not easily broken.

Joachim was the one who taught me to swear.

I just got back from supermarket.

When should we tell her?

Larry sat next to Bert.

The plane lost part of its wing.


Some people believe they can rewrite history.

Did you close your bedroom's door?

Ritchey didn't have a weapon.


He died diving on a cave.

What will the newspapers say?

I loved Del like a brother.

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Should you go to Scotland, would you please bring me back a wild haggis? Thank you.

I live next to them.

Dennis was sitting on the couch next to Mitchell.


He is mixed up with something shabby.

I asked Clare not to tell Cathryn.

I just want to wish you a merry Christmas.


You must feel very relieved.


He was assigned a task.


She told us the road was closed.

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Brandy stopped shaving.

Experienced editors are working well

I'm not blushing!


They overpowered Pandora.

I took a taxi from the train station to the hotel.

We have to find Conrad before the police do.

This is my intention.

We all have our secrets.

Tao is half Suresh's age.

So, what do you think?


You have to ask them first.

Pete said you would ask a lot of questions.

Ikeda made several silly mistakes, and so he was told off by the department head.


She liked him right off.

Should I bring Piercarlo with me?

Man is the only animal that uses fire.

Is this intended for me?

Earth has one naturally occurring satellite, the Moon.

Don't drop it.

Will you please provide more details about your proposal?

We insist that a meeting be held as soon as possible.

We are very far from home.

Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?

Either we all go or nobody goes.

He is cleverer than they are.

I really miss you.


If we walk, we'll be very late.


I doubt if Raja would see it that way.


Calvin always shouts when he is angry.


I'm not really concerned.


"I don't have my license with me." "No problem, I'll drive."


My life is such a mess.

Carlos will be waiting for Griff.

The girl burst into tears.

What kind of odds are you giving?

He is less patient than his brother.

He has a house by the sea.

Shouldn't we be helping them?



Soohong is going to have to do it all by himself.

"What exactly are they doing in there?" "That's a good question."

She took a long time to choose her hat.

Am I leaving anything out?

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Nobody walks in LA.

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Sedovic said Brett was wrong.

How come that happened to us?

You sounded just like Matthieu.

They're holding a clearance sale.

Every member must attend.

Those young men are independent of their parents.

Kate Middleton is now the duchess of Cambridge.


You do have choices.

I didn't think Kees knew.

You will soon get to like him.

Will you give me your radio for my bicycle?

It never occurred to me that I might get arrested.


What were you doing with him, anyway?

I'll never make it.

Does it have too much salt?

I love trees.

The forest is said to be haunted.

The whiteness of the lily is a symbol of purity.

Because it was very cold yesterday, I stayed home.

She's wide awake.

They can't stop us.


Don't play with the mud. You're getting dirty.

I have never known the string snap on me.

I know somebody who can help us.

Are you interested in them?

I think everybody already knows that.

He's not interested in a relationship.

The river once flowed.

She's looking for a hotel.

I haven't had time to fully discuss the problem with Penny.

Is that agreeable?

The meat cuts tough.

Leon is probably still alive.

It's not normally like this.

I really hate his dirty jokes.

In former days people walked from Edo to Kyoto.

I found it difficult to get along with him.

Woody never got married.

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Why is this?


Barbra's colleague has just received another prize for his research.

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Did Val ever reveal any of his secrets?

So the Tsar and Vasilissa the Beautiful were married, and her father returned from the far-distant Tsardom, and he and the old woman lived always with her in the splendid Palace, in all joy and contentment. And as for the little wooden doll, she carried it about with her in her pocket all her life long.

This could happen to anybody.


If you want to get your rights, you must ask for them from your governours.

When you saw us in the sitting room, he had already told me the truth.

My heart bounded with joy.


Denis is very handsome.


I can do that in less than ten minutes.

Jon is flabbergasted.

Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.


We got lost in the snow.


We attribute his success more to hard work than to genius.

Dude, you can't just go up to a woman and grope her. That's sexual harassment!

I cannot drink this. I don't know what it is.

That makes it exciting.

Nicolette was kidnapped by a local gang.

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Just get out of here.


Why could you not come yesterday?


You write better than I do.

I'm about to get married!

Hollywood marriages rarely last.


You have to disappear.

It's important to train your staff in correct telephone etiquette as they often create the first impression of your company.

Could you tell us something about yourself?

Nathan doesn't deserve to be treated this way.

Jesper acted without thinking.

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I have to go to Samir's office later today.