This is only for you.

It would be good if you started work.

I gave her a doll in return.

Did they have to stay there all day?

Becky graduated from Harvard business school last year.

I'd hoped you might be here.

Bruno has what we all want.

What is the fuel mileage of this car?

I found my book.

I don't know what's wrong with you today.

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It is difficult for foreigners to get used to Japanese food.

The kitten seems to be enjoying her food this evening. She doesn't always seem to enjoy it.

I don't think it would work as well as you might expect.

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What does that suggest to you?

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Mara is a smart boy.

That's just not true.

Could you please help me a little?

Shawn can't have gone very far.

He wanted to please the crowd.

I want to study abroad next year.

I need you in my life.

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Do you know if Arthur and Case have made up yet?


I found it easy to find the building.

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Is there anything I can do to help out?


Ti vomited into the bucket.

Nate ate his lunch at his desk.

Medical marijuana is legal in this state.


When are you going back to Japan?

The beams in his house are rotting.

Juha was about to say something, but Jayant started talking first.

Nichael is looking more and more like his father every day.

I have a lot of responsibilities.

You are my prisoner.

Tracey was very decisive.


Excitement is not good for a man of my age.

Have you ever been to Italy before?

He has a son whose name is John.

She reminds him of his mother.

We'll drop you off on the way.


You've all gone mad.

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Oh, that surprised me! Try not to make such loud noises.

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I'm not sure what you're asking me to do.

Many buildings burned to the ground.

I loved that house.

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I'm glad that you're glad.

I doubt that'll work.

He's a bit naive.

She was robbed of her money on her way home.

I enjoyed hanging out with Rolf.


Kathleen's house has a big backyard with a large oak tree.

If I'm not mistaken, I think we took a wrong turn back there.

I asked Christofer if he wanted to go swimming.


Did you call him?

Some old men, by continually praising the time of their youth, would almost persuade us that there were no fools in those days; but unluckily they are left themselves for examples.

He'll be there.

Why hasn't Clay come back yet?

I have a few friends in the United States.

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I went to her for advice.

He has been waiting here some time.

He's too busy.

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I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.


Would you like something to eat?

Sometimes I wonder whether or not I would have been better off never having met you.

What kind of food do you like?

Do you have an electronic typewriter?

However, in China, they don't use a word for "human rights," but instead express it as "fundamental rights".


We were planting trees.

Please wait a moment.

I haven't seen him for days.

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I'll wait here until she comes.

Vassos was extremely sick.

New Year is the time for a lot of eating and drinking.

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Anger deprived him of his reason.


You and I go back a long time.

I would like to take a seat over there.

He speaks English well.

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I've always known that.

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Alf is better than Sigurd.


Let me help you out.

I'm just a little dizzy.

Are you scared to talk to girls?

Maybe we can talk to him.

Iran desires to befriend the world.

What is on your mind, Socorrito?

They refused to give up their way of life.


Ramesh noticed Steve and went over to talk to her.

Joachim couldn't attend the meeting.

I'm still going to talk to her.

May I come right over?

My liver is heavily damaged.

Juan doesn't want to clean his room.

Grant denied everything.

I have to pick one of them.

It is too good of an opportunity to miss.


He was laughed at for being so ignorant.


Norm hasn't heard from Srinivasan since then.

We'll never forget.

Heinrich never got the chance to do that.

Pipe down, otherwise you will be hauled out.

I've planned our route.

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Ric has been cooperative.


It's astonishing how fluently Bill spoke Japanese.


Look up to the skies.


Les left three days ago.


My view is different from his as to what should be done.

Eileen speaks French fairly well, doesn't he?

That's the whole story.

Let's wait and see.

Every time a species dies out, we lose forever a part of our natural world.

It may be quite harmless.

Please complete your homework.

I like my life right now.

You had time to think. What'd you decide?


How many were there altogether?


What is the capital of the state with the highest elevation ?

Lyndon never loses his cool.

Raman escaped by the skin of his teeth.


My dream is to become a pilot.


The story ends happily.

What did you expect us to do?

You always learn in Tatoeba!

These rights are inalienable.

It's what I've been waiting for.

The car continued to pick up speed.

He taxed me with neglect of duty.

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What do you plan to do this summer?


He has not come yet. Something may have happened to him.

Almost everyone came.

Pratapwant often goes to Boston on business.


I assumed you'd be up at this hour.

I took the heat of it.

My brother would often stay up all night reading novels.

You are in desperate need of a vacation.

You should not regret anything in this life. What happened happened - life goes on.

Do you know Mr. Brown?

Morton can hear Manjeri very well.


In order to know one, you have to be one.

The flowers are already out of bloom.

I don't like to be surprised.


Elizabeth wants to be hugged.

Have you all lost your minds?

When asking him if it was interesting, he showed a gentle smile and affirmed that there is no such thing as something interesting.


I often assist my sister to do her homework.

Jean eats a banana.

He is the greatest scientist that the world has ever produced.

Would you care for a piece of pie?

Are you all home?

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It may have been Radek that wrote this note.

I'd still like to work together.

You fix.


That's a very old saying.


Mitsubishi Bank merged with Tokyo Bank.

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Are you going to sit with them?