You should relax a little.

I need to see you soon.

He was curious about how it would taste, so he took a small bite.

Describe him.


Five divided by three equals one and a remainder of two.


"How are you doing?" "Not bad."

I am not what I was ten years ago.

I know him quite well.


Turn to the left without regard to the signal.


Leave it to me. I'll get it done right away.

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His hair is black in color and long.

You can crash on the sofa if you're tired.

I don't want to be your enemy.

I have been completely open with you.

I'm done with all of that.

It's fun and healthy.

We'll phone our mother-in-law.


I'm very, very lucky.

Why would we want to go to Boston?

There's almost no water left in the pond.

I'll see him next week.

I'm getting along well with my new classmates.

Oleg is a fierce competitor.

Hsi is very jealous of you.

It all changed.

Isolation is the common lot of man.

This ought to do it.

Ronald's house was on fire.

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Hopefully, the weather will be good.

There was applause.

What do you feel?

It's not quite normal.

I want to borrow your car for an hour.

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Don't worry about us girls. We'll find something to do.

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Tracy is Amarth's older sister.

The police knew it was a hot item.

Angela said goodbye to me and walked out the door.

It's time to start.

Don't screw with me!

Tell me who did this to you.

Is it serious, Doctor?

She repaired my umbrella.

Jose took a can of beer from the fridge.

I didn't know that Alvin was Canadian.

Valeria expects that Dave will help us.

Grace had every right to do what he did.

I can't really translate that, it is a very difficult text.

It's no secret.

Harris sat down at the piano.

Sarah turned up the heat.

Turn up the music!


I immediately lost my concentration.

I want a small bunch of grapes.

The baby stared, and thrust his fist into his mouth.


You can't succeed without hard work.

You can smell the ocean from here.

Don't get mad at us.

Should I clean my room?

The focus of the talk is put on the content.

This week, 25 people have written at least one Esperanto sentence on Tatoeba.

I froze at the sight of the snake.

It's as true as death.

I've lost even my cell phone!

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Valentin performed pretty well.

All the old men in our village have long beards.

All these late nights were beginning to tell on my health.

For the love of Heaven, don't get angry.

You've made progress.

I'm afraid of heights.

You made your point.

Don't play in the street.

To me, there aren't any fundamental differences between the cultures of these two countries.


She leads a life of ease in the country.

Carlos is necessary.

Timothy has never been able to beat me at chess.


We're not family.

Roger Miller was born on January 2, 1936 in the western city of Fort Worth, Texas.

I'm horrible.


Henry took her hands in his.

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Just let the woman go.

Why can't I hold all these limes?

Today it is Friday. Tomorrow it's already the weekend!


I haven't seen her in three months.

For him, his principles were irrefutable.

I know how to distinguish the good from the bad.

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Besides which that's only if unpacking the luggage proceeds smoothly and is finished by Sunday morning.


I thought you might want it.


Kerri enjoyed talking with Barrett.

Do you think this is the right thing to do?

I don't like people who stare at me.


I hope Bud is well.

The show was exciting.

Bea isn't used to being ignored.

The event is on Thursday.

My lawyer told me not to say anything.

You've got your priorities backwards.

You must excuse me.

We have many schools.

He arrived here on foot.

He may be powerful, but he is not invincible.

Everybody should move on.

Hello, Meg, how are things?

He is the tallest in his class.

I wouldn't go there so long as I could.

Where were you in 2003?


I am a writer rather than a teacher.


It was Christmas.


His pride wouldn't allow him to do such a mean thing.


I'm paid biweekly.

As a prank, some students let three goats loose inside their school after painting the numbers 1, 2 and 4 on the sides of the goats. The teachers spent most of the day looking for goat number 3.

I think he's interested in you.

I don't want to cut my hair.

Do you have any news for me?

I was working in this factory.

That can't be right, can it?

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We have squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, okra and potatoes.

I like neither of the cakes.

This is fabulous.


This is how Carole does it.


The definitive treatise was written by someone with no formal education in the subject.

Many apologies for being so late!

It's only wrong when other people do it.

I didn't make anything to eat.

"Metroid Prime 3: Corruption" is a videogame by Nintendo sold exclusively for the Wii.

Actually, Patricio isn't my real name.

What time do you go to bed?


I've noticed that Morris doesn't usually lock his door.

She displayed her talents.

How much longer will it take for the tub to fill?

Does he understand Italian?

I could barely sleep.

It's rarely nice weather at Easter.

It's just that I am a little disappointed, that is all.

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I am a cat person.

This is a rough game.

She attends school at night.

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I'd like to suggest you start going to bed one hour earlier.

I didn't forget your words.

Devon drummed his fingers on the table nervously.


Have you ever been in a car accident?


Are you learning Chinese?

What else do you like about Indra?

Can I telephone London from here?

He bought me a nice camera.

Does your brother like ice skating?


You don't have to be back until tomorrow.


These are undeniable truths.

I'm watching the game on TV.

Maria hid her face in her hands.


You're a very attractive woman.

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Tell me what you eat, I will tell you who you are.

It went viral.

Niels and Vick are probably together.

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There were various objects in the room.

Why was it so hard to establish that the neuron is the most basic unit of nervous tissue?

We're rational.

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What money he earns he spends on books.


It wouldn't harm a fly.

The police commissioner said that he would in no way, shape, or form discuss the details of the matter, as it was the subject of ongoing investigations.

I particularly noticed one young woman of humble dress, but interesting demeanor.