Maybe we should wait.

We don't have a choice. We have to do this.

I detest them.

His jokes are meaningless.

Do you think this can work?

Whatever you do, do it as well as possible.

I'm just doing what has to be done.

You have to tell Patrice what's going on.

Happiness is determined by your heart.

Can we get some help?


Could you sign this?

This is a serious situation.

He is merciless.

He was looking into the possibility of buying a house.

Moore and Hazel are doing well.

I was feeling a lot of pain.

Becky is obsessed with trains.


He lost his rag.


Those houses are all alike.

Let me compare the translation with the original.

Please call me tonight.

That's a mighty fine question.

Lanny broke his arm.

I don't find it that interesting.

You may always use my dictionary.


I helped Leigh escape.


Know before going.

I don't ever plan to retire.

The train already starts.

I have been trying all morning to get in touch with Mr Jones, but his line is always busy.

With this telescope stars and dreams can be seen.

Do you two already know each other?

The villagers fear him.

This computer network is, as it were, the nervous system of the company.

The regrettable thing is that he didn't even play at his highest level in the finals.

Because of their good work history and excellent credit record, the bank manager felt safe in offering Earl and Sorrel a mortgage at only two percent above the prime interest rate.

We'll get them to listen.

All was silent in the house.

That's real gold.

I'm really attached to my mother.

How did you accomplish all this?


We did that just for fun.

You've got to do that right away.

Renu stammered a little.

I will watch TV as soon as I get through my job.

Did you buy everything we need for our party?

I wanted to make sure it wasn't us who caused the problem.

We have to draw a line somewhere.

I, for one, am for the plan.

What's the square root of 100?

The penalty for spitting is five pounds.

Aiming at great souls, you would not miss.

Everyone needs a big hug.

Johnnie knows what annoys Conrad.

I know that there was a big church here.

She dyed her hair pink.

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Don't tell me.

This happened in autumn. Light gray clouds covered the sky.

There are some cat's tracks on the table.

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Steven will get it fixed.

You're my princess.

This decision is final.


That became a habit.

Blood poured from the cut vein.

Excuse me. Is the supermarket open?

Novorolsky was my hero.

Manolis spent the last years of his life in Boston.

Roxanne's the one who broke the window.

I have seen a UFO before.

Do you agree with us?

Education does not consist simply in learning a lot of facts.

There's no logical reason for this.

My brother is very good at playing the guitar.

A great catastrophe is expected.

I would only believe in a God that knows how to dance.

Dan didn't even take basic anatomy classes.

I felt I just had to get off the ship.


I must remember to write that down.

What's Tuan up to in Boston?

That was very easy.

How long have you and Lila been living here?

She breaks something every time she cleans the room.

I'm not as creative as I should be.

They will not consent to your proposal.


He looks exactly like his older brother.


There's only a couple of days left until our winter vacation.

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We're going to die.

Saify sat alone at the table with a half-empty bottle of wine.

Never mind all that.

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Look over here.

His driving was against traffic rules.

They're going to attack.

I've been seen.

Morton has been learning French for a few years.

Marci said he needed to get in touch with Mike.

Let me get my coat.


It brought a smile to his face.

The excessive presence of the English language does not contribute to an equitable and fair debate.

Because of the storm, we had no choice but to stay at home.


Everything's all right now.

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The detective took down his testimony on the spot, word for word.

Sandip is competing against other swimmers.

I was with Shaw.

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She asked Jeanne to find her little boy.

He is our teacher of English.

It's maddening.

I don't want him seeing this.

I sent you an email.

Have you ever spent any time in Boston?

Nicolas looked around the dark room with a flashlight.

A nurse brought me some bread and coffee, but the bread was stale and the coffee tasted of soap.

The seller weighs the cheese on the copper scales.

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Rajarshi isn't so good at singing.


You really should've let me call a cab.


We don't need anything.

Do you deliver on Sundays?

I didn't order this.

I like to watch anime.

You've been holding out on me.

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She joined the Red Cross.

Syd picked up a rock and threw it.

It hasn't been a piece of cake either.

There were plenty of role models all around us.

After a while he found out the answer.

Mike has been out of work for a year.

She used up a bar of soap.

Professor Jefferson has a good rapport with his students.

Breathe, damn you!

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We see a lot of cars on the street.

I feel out of sorts today. That well water is why.

He saw us off until he could not see us anymore.

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Would you teach me how to make cheese?

He brought in over half of his company's sales, so he expected to be given a piece of the pie.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is an organization.

Serdar was still sleeping the last time I looked into his room.

"What are you thinking about?" "Nothin'..."

The house started shaking.

I'll help you with pleasure if you want me to.

It's all the same to me whether you will go to sea or not.

I don't say goodbye, I say "until next time."

I would give up my own life if it would save hers.

Can I use the bathroom?

Faith divides us in belief and unites us in slaughter.

When does the bank close?


Ricardo is my first name.

I'm not guaranteeing them success.

The cat was not impressed.


Hsi had a key to the room.

I know Sanche was disappointed.

We've seen what you can do.

The ditch is ten feet wide.

No, today I'm not going to school.

I didn't know that Tomas spoke French.

You'd better be very sure before you accuse him of anything.

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Not every truth is fit to be told.


I think it's time we made some changes.

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You ought to know that.

I only got your letter yesterday.

Douglas had trouble concentrating.

I have a black and a white dog.

Allen walked down the hall.


It's likely that Sergiu didn't finish his homework.


Reports said they came close to a settlement.

I was born and raised in Boston.

How have you been recently?

He's watching TV.

When was Ahmed killed?

That sort of thing should be done away with.

She was clever enough not to be deceived by him.