Do you want a dinosaur to eat?

Vickie does have some new ideas.

Are they cute?

Give it another shot.


She got married at the age of seventeen.

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Marc smiled at Izzy as he left the room.

Cross out any words that you do not wish the examiner to read.

I reported to him through an SMS that he had to stop his work as soon as possible.

You are in grave danger.

I saw him scolded by his mother.

I wish you'd call Izumi.

Have had it.


Where's my other shoe?

We know many things.

You don't give a shit, do you?


Do you buy that explanation?

I'll tell you how to deal with Tollefsen.

It can't wait until tomorrow.

The hair dresser is cutting the hair with scissors.

Who am I, according to you?


Who could blame him?

We haven't finished our work.

That's an overly optimistic view.

I thought about smashing his guitar, but I didn't do it.

Danish is recognised as a protected minority language in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.

I love both of them.

Tommy's children are sick.

It was a scary movie. I think I'll have nightmares about it tonight.

He is quite ignorant of things Japanese.

She will sometimes sit still for hours.

Sergio is having trouble dealing with his son's suicide.

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We have to pick a place to set up the tent.

Jan doesn't know where Anna has gone.

What's the future of Native American languages in the United States?

I'm still having the same dream about drowning.

You will do it whether you like it or not.

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Evelyn is thinking about applying for a better-paying job.

Tanya came home very late.

I don't heat their house for them.

We are to meet at Yurakucho at seven.

Things are not that simple.


Help me find an empty room for myself.


Right after the accident, I was in a state of shock.

Are Patrice and Alice sisters?

I'll try to do better next time.

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Even you yourselves didn't know.


Tell me I'm not dreaming.

What time's Stanley picking you up?

His face turned white.


Is that what you told Benson?

Can I talk to her for a minute?

I'll go talk to her.

It is wrong of you to discriminate against people because of their race.

Esperanto, official language of the EU, now!

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You might want to encourage Corey to do his own homework early.


Sandra was out of his mind.

I'm not afraid of you, Dimetry.

Humans are the vehicles that genes use to propagate themselves.

We're trying to locate her.

He is now almost as tall as his father.


Charlene doesn't need to be sorry for anything.

Oleg was talking to Marcel at the party.

I think this is great.

Vernon has made up his mind to quit smoking.

She has an automatic washing machine.

The guy on whom I have a crush doesn't know I like him.

Stay away from this guy.

"It's because you're a girl." "That's sexist."

Dinner is on me tonight.

He's going to join our club.

What do you suggest we do about it?

Cindie is certain to show up.

He loves writing articles for Wikipedia.

Machines that his company produces are superior to ours.

The first photos of the Earth taken from outer space captured the imagination of an entire generation.

Spyros picked the box up and looked inside.

That's more recent than you think it is.

I know you're irritated.

This is the last time I'll accept a gift.

Don't take pictures of me when I'm eating.

Get yourself together.


Brandi hasn't played the piano in years.


You're partially correct.

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It's not easy in there.

Tears came into my eyes when I was chopping onions.

The Ribbon of Saint George is a symbol of fascism.

One of life's simple pleasures is the time to read a good book on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

In the cold season when you want to drink something hot I recommend this sort of thermos flask.


They walked a great amount without drinking water.

We go to church together.

Randall and Reiner weren't happy here.

He was clearly in trouble.

Meg sometimes annoys Ken.

Good, I will take them. When does the show start?

Wait a minute, my laundry is done, I'll go hang out the washing.

Do any of these interest you?

We're all done.

I don't know what I need.

The builder of those houses is unknown.

The new house is here.

Tell me what happened to you.

Select the graft point after imagining how the branches will extend and fruit grow.

The hypnotist was able to put his subject into a trance.

Joachim ate your candy.

I want you to speak frankly.

I didn't know you were coming by.

I'll be perfectly happy here by myself.

You should be embarrassed.

My hobby is listening to music.

Have you ever seen a spider spinning its web?

A thing doesn't please God because it is good; rather, because it pleases God, it is good.

In any case why was it only mine that had a line in the LCD?

Sorry, I was dining and I didn't see the message.


Should we go someplace?

I just realized those are much more pages that I have thought.

In the afternoon the weather became wet and foggy.


I must find a way to help them.

Are you guys still together?

The sea is calm.


Edith took Theodore with him.

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Let's beat it before it gets too late.


She got off with a slap on the wrist.

Jurevis is still kind of young.

The leader of our party met with the other leaders and talked about the problem.


The student's progress is satisfactory.

The new product's sales exceeded expectations.

Connie invited us to a costume party.

He dried himself with a towel.

I heard that Tomas is a terrific kisser.

We'll go with you.

I don't think Skeeter would want to go to Boston with you.

He was eager to tie the knot.

We will visit our teacher next week.

The noise disturbed my sleep.

No sooner had I sat down and relaxed than the phone rang.

He wanted to become a pilot ever since he was a child, and he did.

Mason is married to my sister.

We all die.

Where do you go for Christmas?

The houses caught fire one after another.

Janos picked up the box and tried to open it.

My daughter lied to me.

Isabelle asked me who had painted the picture.

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The maid was dead tired of her household chores.

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Can you be discreet?

He seems to be a kind person.

It will be snow tomorrow.

Thank you for coming all the way to see me off.

They tried to discourage him from going.


If you can use gravity to your advantage, do so.

We need to find cover!

I shut the door behind me.


Because I do not have children, I can spend more time volunteering than parents can.


Anna was very depressed.


I thought Kirk was dying.

Dimitry thinks I love Stacey.

Turn down the volume, please.

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Crowning toddler beauty pageant queens is Mr. Fredericksen's passion.

I'm sick of your excuses!

He's got two cars.


I am not well.

This will take time, money and patience.

She smiled me into good humor.

Jesus's oldest son looks just like him.

This is a map of the city of Osaka.

Do you know what would happen if you did that?

I'm Polish.