I think he said that he thinks it's important to think things through.

I have not seen him for about three months.


A severe ocean storm hit the West Indies.

By what age do you want to get married?

I want to know who they are.

His employer dismissed him yesterday.

This watch is far better than that one.


Cary doubts Antonio's story is true.

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Marvin should be here before long.

After Tao explained it in French, he explained it in English.

I saw several people hanging out in the park.

The food's not ready yet.

Time is of the essence, Paul. If you don't tell her how you feel now, you'll never have another chance.

He has enormous fingers.

May I ask you to do me a favor?


We traveled through the whole land.


He believed in protecting America's wilderness areas.

Can't we at least try to get along?

I'm only human.


That was so much fun.

I hate to interrupt you but it's very late.

I don't have enough money to pay this month's rent.

They were here yesterday.

She would often come late for school.

He's just a liar.

I just saw a few snowflakes.

Can you suggest anyone for the job?

The picture of the accident makes me sick.

You've got a big mouth.

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Eventually, Jisheng did what he was supposed to.

We should leave something for our children.

Tad seems to be incompetent.

Establish regular prayers.

Having good oral hygiene is important.

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Call me at 9:00 tomorrow.

He touched her on the shoulder.

She practised as a barrister for many years.

The young man tricked me into consenting.

He got up early so as to be in time for the train.

Gigi is on the team.

Tell Shean about it.


You should've kissed Reiner.

No house has only one roach in it.

Come to my house whenever you like.


He lectured our class on literature.

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We've heard a lot about this place.

My stomach is often a bit upset after eating spicy food.

Many social and political problems in France contributed to the causes of the French Revolution.

I don't mind walking in the rain.

Does your family background involve Chinese medicine?

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Do you have some money?

Nobody likes being spoken ill of behind his back.

It is similar.


I want those back when you're done.

Roxanne hopes to get the results by Thursday.

I hope it's good.

I wish I could have spoken more English.

We could learn a lot from each other.

That was definitely the wrong choice.

I think I've figured out how to solve this problem.

She was stupid enough to believe him.

Nicolo didn't dare tell anyone.

Some think that the Berber language might die out.

How about for tomorrow?


Do you have any idea what I should do?

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He went all the way to see her, only to find she was away.


Gigi denied having ever been in Boston.

Raman checked on me to make sure I was okay.

Would you like a cup of tea?


I should've gotten that promotion.


I haven't visited the headquarters of Twitter.

I accompanied Stacy there.

He has strange ideas.

I made a sandwich for lunch.

She wove the grass into a basket.

Dan wrote articles for a local newspaper.

It'll be very hot tomorrow.

I copied a passage from the book into my notebook.

Unfortunately, the hotel that you suggested was completely booked up.

I couldn't catch the train.

Hang onto Daddy!


Where's Ahmed's family now?

Your spirit has fallen into the hell.

I mean what I say.

They abandoned their homeland.

This is our first lesson.

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I'm having a little trouble with this.

I'm used to thinking on my feet.

We're sunk.


There is no time for merriment.

You shouldn't have threatened Avery.

I cannot but object to his opinion as to the matter.

What did she buy at the shop?

I didn't expect that.

Where did you want to take us?

Send me the tracking number please.

It was lost.

Which floor does he live on?

He typified the times in which he lived.

The verdict at issue in these discussions is the one brought in the Lander's trial in 1994.

He knows guns.

She is a very shy girl.

I don't know how long I can stay.

Torsten agreed to stay.

I'm fairly certain Randall would have fun there.

I landed him a blow on the chin.

I resent their rude attitude.

They had a narrow escape under cover of darkness.


How do you like your boss's plan?

The is allergic to girls.

I could be there by 2:30.

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I apologized to Knudsen for that.

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I hope that neither of them were involved in that traffic accident.

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Crashes in the early days of commercial jets tended to be caused by technical faults, such as metal fatigue in the airframe or engines.


It seems that he was badly scolded.

I put on my cap to go out.

I don't have time to travel.

I know how you feel about policemen.

Everything I loved has been destroyed.

I didn't do it deliberately.

Rafael probably thought I was allergic to peanuts.


Land prices are running higher every year.

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If a person has not had a chance to acquire his target language by the time he's an adult, he's unlikely to be able to reach native speaker level in that language.

Mother has been sick in bed since the end of last month.

You seem to be in an awful hurry.

But he is bad at reading English.

Where did Daddy go?

I know everything about him.

He's not here.

Apparently, Petr was already famous before he released that album.

I can understand why.

We alternated two hours of work and ten minutes of rest.

"Let's see, you're ... er, um ... M-" "You're wrong from the first letter!!"

Not wanting to boast but I've never got better than a 3 on my report card for home economics. Out of 10 that is.

During the fire, he kept his wits about him.

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I was distrustful of his motives.


Either one of you has to go there.

I can't stand him suffering so much.

I just want to get out of Boston.

He walked at a quick pace.

I pretended to play along.

Marci waited nearby.

He is second to none in mathematics.

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If I had known his address, I would have written to him.


You can't live forever.

I like playing the piano.

I never dreamed I would meet you here.

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He had a hard time to disengage himself from the gang.

We had him under surveillance.

Physical activities - from raking leaves to walking to the grocery store - can help seniors retain the grey matter in their brains.

I like the cats but the chicken is better.

The awkward moment when your neighbour sees you break his fence.


Was anybody with you?

I'm going to Paris this month.

I'll never find someone like him.

The president is busy with affairs of state.

She's a widow and a pensioner, and faces many hardships.

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Jakob climbed the mountain with Jem, John and Alice.

I told you I have a girlfriend.

We all want changes.

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People often say that Japanese is a difficult language.

Hui took a beer from the cooler and opened it.

He loves taking trips.