What should I wear tonight?

I don't want to play with them.

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I have to correct this article.

This dust is impossible to filter from the air.

It's easy for my sister and me to go shopping together, seeing as how we're both "winters."


Please don't tell me you've hired Turkeer.

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Well, anyway, I liked the idea of this site and I want to participate!


In reality, all they are interested in is power.


I heard you sobbing.


Your breath stinks of garlic.


People reported a shooting at Jackson street.

I'm not the least bit interested in role-playing games.

We want to compete.

Panacea doesn't seem tired at all.

I told Marian to relax.

That's lovely.

What makes you think you won't be able to do it?

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Did you notice him coming in?

Could I have three seats in the unreserved section?

We didn't need that.


I can't come up with a good excuse for being late for the dentist.

To make informed decisions we need sufficient information.

I have a friend who shaves his head.

It seemed to me best to try to attain safety in this way.

Most car accidents happen because drivers aren't paying attention.

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Rick is grumpy, isn't he?

As he was growing up, he had found nothing but hate around him.

You'd better come down here right away.

This is a dangerous road.

His condition is, if anything, better than yesterday.

They should have known better.

My mother made me cottage cheese pancakes when I was young.

The small country is making great efforts to keep up with other developing countries.

Nicolas is certainly above thirty.

Are you fluent in French?

The police are investigating the cause of the crash around the clock.

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I'll miss you while you're gone.

He is the fastest runner in his class.

Your happiness is the most important thing in the world to me.

Did you have something to say?

Does this thing work?


Edmund has been trapped.

Good friends are one in a hundred.

You should dump him.


Health is the greatest gift; satisfaction the greatest wealth; fidelity the greatest relation.


She teaches yoga.

The back of Naoto's right hand was injured by a splinter of glass.

Stop thinking of me as just an average person.

When Kitty was a kid, the only book in the house was a Bible.

We can't pull this off without Jwahar.


Human beings alone take a very long time to bring up their little ones.

I've never been to New York, and my sister hasn't, either.

You'd better come in.


He let rip.


I don't blame you for this.


He was underwater for three minutes.

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I change my password almost every day.

According to the thermometer, it's thirty degrees outside.

Why is everyone crying?

I don't think I'm the kind of person you could say looks cute or has an adorable voice.

She likes jelly donuts.

Thank you for the lovely surprise!

He dedicated himself to painting, without thinking of fame or fortune.


There were no more free seats.

It looks like we'll get there in time.

My cholesterol levels are high.

Cathryn knew he was about to die.

I've got to try it now.

Ask Rayan if he'll attend the meeting.

He showed me the way to the store.

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You miss her, don't you?

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You have only to push the button.

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Please wait a bit.

Fur coats are on sale.

Not trying is failing.


What's Deb's favorite color?


They watched the geese till it was dark.

I warned him not to be late.

He has three wires.

Can we have a talk?

Have you been seeing a lot of him recently?

Hanako impressed the guests no less by her exotic beauty and elegance than by her erudition and refined conversation.

You need to stay focused.

Kari isn't done yet.

Israel leaned forward to get a better look.

You're treading on thin ice.

Everything's ready to go.


The skin of a shark is much rougher than that of a tuna fish.

He carried on the restaurant in Italy for many years.

We're getting married three months from now.

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I intend to explore the current trends in the evolution of mass communication devices.

I've got to try to find him.

Milo is living with his uncle now.


Son's humorous speech thoroughly entertained his audience.

What the fuck is your reasoning?

The best don't always reap the rewards.

Pride goes before a fall.

People used to think that was true.

I'm looking out the window right now.

It depends on the circumstances.

I know what has happened.

I don't think it's odd.

Did you come here alone?

Did I really do that?

There is one possibility.

They were all busy.

Do you know what the Philippine currency is called?

Johnnie asked for my opinion.


My watch is broken.

Casper has died.

Are you trying to ruin my reputation?

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Who was the greatest philosopher that ever lived?

We need a response.

My wife is liable to catch a cold.

Where are you going to?

Do you really think you can do that without any help?

Welcome back, Lyndon. We've missed you.

He is not like he seems.


Try staring at yourself.


We celebrate Christmas every year.


You're a very special person to me.


Who did Sumitro sell his car to?

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It's not that bad.


Tell Stagger I'm in the office.

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Larry knows what he's doing.

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You did not need to come so early.

Do you want to go too?

George was always my favorite.

You shouldn't just give up.

Gregg moved to Boston in 2003.

Jefferson agreed with Madison.

(Implied subject) will/want to eat.

Will you let me see you again?

A friend is hard to find and easy to lose.

Those good-for-nothing layabouts were sacked.

The dog walks around the table.

Moses is old enough to drive.

I'm still here.

We did have fun.

I collected my urine sample in a small, plastic cup and gave it to the nurse.


Bonnie doesn't like that kind of music.

It's getting better.

Susumu fell down on the floor.

You're the only one who can help me.

I am baking bread.

They seem worried.

We have very little time, so please hurry.

I've never dated her. She's just a friend.

She is wearing a brooch.


This is one of Boston's finest hotels.

You hate opera, don't you?

You must learn English whether you like it or not.

Are you having a good time?

Sanjeev doesn't hang out with Hunter anymore.

Donate what you're willing to donate.

Besides his battery manufacturing company, the business magnate also has ventures to build reusable rocket stages for commercial space flight, fully electric cars and cheaper, more efficient solar panels.

Myrick doesn't have anywhere to go.

I was surprised because my husband actually ate some of our wedding cake.

I think that he won't come.

Kumi is the girl whose father likes dogs.