That sounds really difficult.

That's what Anderson would say?


You know we can't do it.

It's an olympic record.

The leaves change their colour in the Autumn.

My sister is bugging me.

You don't need to be an artist in order to experience beauty every day.

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"I'll sleep when I'm dead," said Michiel.

Is there an ATM around here?

I live in Milan.

He lost his eyesight in that accident.

That book may be obtained at a moment's notice.

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I may have made a mistake.

Animals live in many places and in great numbers, too.

What time are we meeting?

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Mah was the one who told me how to say "thank you" in French.


You really are insane, aren't you?

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Yumi speaks English very well.

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Imagine if you started hiccoughing and you couldn't stop.


We hope she will take heart soon.


Who's headlining Glastonbury this year?

I heard someone call my name.

I fully understand your concerns.

Carlos will assist me.

Emily is English.

That sounds really bad.

I'm applying for a job.

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She was happy because she passed the exam.


Dan insisted on taking a lie detector test.

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Norman appears agitated.


You should be proud of yourself.

When I started to fix the language, I got wrapped around the axle.

The two hugged.

The only one we have is this one here.

I have a spare key.

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I'll stay in Boston for three more days.

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I have to go, otherwise I'll arrive late.

Blaine didn't really want to help us, but he did.

We are a family of four.

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That sounds interesting.

Tell me the news.

I didn't know her then.

I asked him to be here by six.

I woke up after midnight.

Have you ever been mugged?

Why don't we just sit and rest a while?

Nobody's working; they're all watching the World Cup.

Terry wants to make sure that doesn't happen to him.

Angus was very clear.

We'll take her home.


The Hungarian language is better than Esperanto.

Who taught you German?

I'm trying my best to provide for you and your sister.

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This sweater seems like something Betty would love. It's just so "her"!

The lights went out just now.

I can't express myself in French very well.


Can you think of any reason why Louie wouldn't want to do that?


I don't know about you, but I feel pretty good today.

Agatha got into the house through a window.

Please put this in a safe place.


His horse ran in the Derby.


I think we can help each other.

I need a little more space.

Jurevis and Kriton live in a rental house.

The servant swept the floor.

Any flower will do, so long as it is red.

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What an honor to be included in your profile photo!

It looks like you've got a green thumb.

I have to want it.

Your English is grammatically correct, but sometimes what you say just doesn't sound like what a native speaker would say.

Why are you all shocked?

One day a girl came to visit me.

A vodka and lemonade might be the shot.


Rebecca is worried about Kayvan.

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What's the best way to get there?


Help me out.

Ole's not a good liar.

Is it dead yet?

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I spend a lot of my free time with Ravindranath.

Stephen got robbed.

Try not to laugh.


Who are you afraid of?

This TV was made in China.

The setting of the story is Japan in the late Meiji period.

What do I like to do?

Let go of my arm! I can't stand people touching me.

I never should've let you go home alone last night.

How long were Sangho and Wayne here?

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I'm glad I watched the game.


Andy Warhol was a very famous American artist.


Look up the number in the telephone book.

What does Ahmed need most?

To become an astronomer, you have to study the sciences thoroughly, but to become an astrologer, you just have to study the art of lying.

Ann died when Patrice was still in her teens.

The fact still remains to be known.

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Everything will work out.


I took the shortcut back to the woods, locked my shelter, and opened the basket.

What would Spyros and Alain do?

I guess I'm not that hungry.

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Have you finished what you were doing?

It is more difficult for engineers to learn Japanese than it is for Japanese people to learn English.

She found us.

Mayo works every day except Sunday.

At the meeting last night the problem gave rise to heated discussion.

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The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.

Have you seen them on stage?

She always bowed when she greeted someone.

Let's talk quietly so we don't wake up the baby.

In the meantime, cut the bread into cubes and fry them in hot oil.

I've had a very busy morning.

Never make a nuisance of yourself.

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At some point the United States will elect a female president, and it won't be a pretty sight.

That was only a year ago.

Come on, tell me!

Anton prefers not to talk about it.

That dress makes you look fat.

Children below the age of 8 have an underdeveloped frontal lobe that might cause them to be unable to separate reality from fantasy. Some of them might believe that there are monsters in their closet or under the bed for example. They are also sometimes unable to distinguish dreams from reality.

Owen said he didn't want a party on his birthday.

Didn't Janos tell you what happened?

Sanford brews his own beer.

Come here before seven o'clock.

They didn't give me a choice.

No, I'm waiting for my wife.

I can't follow his logic.

With such friends, one needs no enemies.

I am very interested in learning Chinese.

I'm pleased with my new underwear.

Price lied to the police.

She advised him to read more books.

I like him, but he's weird.

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Oscar will make fewer mistakes once he gets to know the ropes.

They arrived at an awkward time.

One who listens to their recorded voice has the sensation of listening to a stranger.


I don't think I can do it.

We don't know our neighbors.

I fought in every battle that I faced.


How well do you know Win?

Norma is nothing like me.

When do I get there?


Rick drank the Kool-Aid.

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The temperature was above zero last week.

Where do I sleep?

She must have been gorgeous when she was young.

Don't talk to your mother like that!

I'll get you a beer.

I used to dream about becoming very wealthy.

I'll go talk to them right now.

Major felt the need to explain.

I can't talk to her.

I'm not tired of studying yet.

I'd like you to accompany him.

I'm getting a bad feeling.

Sandy didn't look as interested as Donald.

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I don't believe that Pitawas will return.

I was completely shocked by Hitoshi's accusation.

Is there something wrong with me?

These multicolored socks are hand-knitted.

He missed the train because of the traffic accident.