Attention! The captain of the airship is speaking!

I don't work on Monday.

Waiter, I need a knife.

Don't you have a needle and some thread?


Apparently, all Geoff's other problems are solved.


He was admitted to that school without taking the exam.


Arlene got drunk with his friends.

When it comes to baseball, I don't know much.

Give me another chance to try.

The iris gives the eye its color.

Linda was made redundant.

Elric does fine work.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


The coins are metal.

I'll explain afterwards.

You said you were thirty and I believed you.

Ignore Noemi.

What's up with the rush?

What an idiot I was to lend him money.

I read the paper every day to keep in touch with what's going on.

Malus knows how to keep his mouth shut.

Hey, I thought that the two of us should drink, so I brought some white wine.

I didn't want to see her again.

You'll have to deal with that by yourself.

Many people feel that gold is the most secure investment.

Can you tell me where the nearest hotel service phone is?

They were very tired indeed.

Do you have any identification?

I need to call the embassy.

The walls were covered with graffiti.

The time may come when we will have no war.

They are frenetically backpedaling.


Wasn't that fantastic?


Sanche said he wouldn't mind sleeping on the floor.

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As soon as he arrived at the airport, he phoned his office.


Poor crops may cause famine.

We owe you nothing.

Wounded bears are usually very dangerous.

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Take care not to oversleep.


Germany isn't Kurdistan.


This is outrageous.

Everett loosened his grip.

There were 30 survivors.

Shuvra can't handle this job on his own.

Ti has never done anything like that.

We're not wrong.

Don't tell anything about what happened here.

It is true of American society that the male is the head of the household.

I thought nothing of it.

I hope you have sweet dreams.

The policeman confiscated Dan's driver's license.

Do you think this is what Jayant meant?

A seven-sided polygon is typically called a heptagon, but is occasionally referred to as a septagon.

The whole meal was good but the wine in particular was excellent.

Annie was prescribed a type of anabolic steroid by his doctor.


Ranjit shouldn't have told Francis about John.

I fell asleep while studying at my desk.

I was surprised to get your call.

She died for lack of air.

I've never been so glad about the spring's coming.


We're almost out of time.

Look, it's very easy to fall down now if you're not careful.

She loves poetry and music.

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Hello, I would like some fresh orange juice.


I thought you said you were bad at French.

You're not anything like me.

Francisco is wavering.


At last, he solved the question.

Rakhal received many beautiful birthday cards.

The house was undermined by the flood.

What do you think is the best Christmas present for a woman?

From which city are Marco and Maria? Maria and Marco are from Rome.

Seeing that we have little time, we have to hurry.

I cannot help laughing at my folly.


Do you eat that?

On the last page, Nelken wrote: "Where did I leave my glasses?"

It's just way too dangerous.


I've got a big problem.

It's up to you to make a choice.

I took a day off.

This can't work.

If I had money enough, I could pay you.

I hope Carl knows.

Do you think I'm stupid?

The cat can't do that.

A fire broke out in the mine.


Jess has already left on her trip.

I'm going to study French next year.

Steve told me the tale of his travels.

By what age do you want to get married?

It's pathetic.

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Please wait till I have finished my homework.

We're not going to let that stop us.

Dan didn't want to seem shy.

You look pretty upset.

I prefer the former plan to the latter.


Roy looked at Sriram intently.

Too many sweets make you fat.

I do not think that you should live in a country where people speak your goal language in order to be able to speak it, but certainly you need a real contact with the language in order to command it perfectly.


The boy gathered a handful of peanuts and put them in a small box.

He has been to Europe many times.

I don't want to get used to this.

Someone is always there.

It's because I love him.

They live in the house opposite to ours.

I'm a bit confused.

I can never go back there again.

Dennis made it for me.


I've been trying to speak with you, what happened?

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You will succeed in the long run by studying.


I think Floyd was bluffing.

The story of the lost prince was a fiction.

Does Johnny live far from here?

We're patient.

Sridhar was asking for help.

She is shy so she cannot say "I love you".

I felt quite relieved after I had said all I wanted to say.

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Does it really matter which one of these I pick?

Was it really that bad?

What makes you think this is the end?

Sorry. The train was late.

I still haven't paid him.

You got the part.

I'll see her next week.

Plastic reached for his glass of milk.

I took a painkiller for my headache.


It is strange that he should not tell me anything about it.

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Nothing else happened.

If something happens, don't say I didn't warn you.

Tell a beautiful story to my two young friends.

I lost my glasses.

We must be careful of our health.

She's overconfident.

I wish I could remember where I left my umbrella.

Grant thinks he'll get straight A's.

It could be a good thing.

I heard from Stu.

You are more stupid than I thought.

The number of traffic accidents has increased in recent years.

She has a bath every morning.

Marcel's medical expenses are being paid for by Joshua.

There is no TP left.

I need to tell him.

Thanks for your report.


I'm afraid it will rain tomorrow.

Give him all of it.

The artist must be in his work as God is in creation, invisible and all-powerful; one must sense him everywhere but never see him.

Slovenian singer Maja Keuc was born in 1992.

I was perfectly happy being all alone.


Glasswork came from Persia by way of the Silk Road.


Let's leave as soon as Deb gets here.

I'm so happy to finally be back home.

We'll wait an hour.


Jarmo hadn't really expected this.

Marci gave Malloy a quick kiss.

It was apparent that someone had taken the money by mistake.


Amedeo is even lazier than I am.

I value your friendship very much.

He ran on and on.

That's not realistic.

Russell was listed among the missing.

You know Wes from accounting, don't you?

Youth is such a priceless commodity that it is a shame to waste it on children.

He broke my nose!

Spyros had business in the city.

The refrigerator is dirty.

I think we're going to win.