Give me that knife.

My toy is broken.

I have tried everything but failed again.

Why would we want to help them?

Valentin isn't sick anymore.

This isn't the first time.


What do you want to do in Germany?

I'm sure you're mistaken.

Please, you can have the paper first.


Pierre said that.

If I knew anything, I'd tell you.

I find him extremely intelligent.

When we were young, we never got along too well, did we?

The secret to life isn't to try and get what you want, but to be satisfied with what you get when you get something.

No road is long with good company.

There's absolutely no chance that Roland will be there.

The wages of sin are death.

Irving! Christopher! Kimmo!

Is that so terrible?

Soohong left home with everything he owned.

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That's just the beginning.


I only wish to speak with you calmly.

Have you ever thrown up in a bus?

The students were ill at ease before the exam.


I broke the clutch.

This was on Dominic's desk.

You're not anything like me.

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I didn't have the strength or resolution to argue with Tao.

Please call if you find out anything.

Did you enjoy your run?


Do you need a lift?

What is the world coming to?

We've hired them.

Darci shared a news story on Facebook.

I just don't know how I can help you.

Inertia is an important governing law.

When could you start working?

We don't see this eye to eye, but it's not me who is wrong.

I'd like to have breakfast with you.

It's too late, anyhow.

I don't want you to date Rahul.

I meet her on occasion at the club.

You shouldn't call him that.

It seems simple enough.

Polly was just trying to do the right thing.

Ramanan returned from Boston yesterday.

Mariou wondered when the meeting would start.


They fool people into buying those amulets.


Mexico is a country in North America.

Sharada has an overbite.

He is guilty of corrupting the young.

I'm worried about what'll happen if Kikki wins.

The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content.

Turning left you will find the bus stop.

You must be a very violent guy.

I will never translate something for free.

A gerontologist suggested that better palliative care facilities for patients who are nearing the end of their lives might be better than legalizing assisted suicide.

I have to help Olivier.

Mac is over thirty.


Donna is very protective.


He is afraid of being cheated.

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That music is worth listening to many times.

Have you been in touch with Paula since he left?

It's too early to call Vincenzo.

She has some faults, but I love her all the more because of them.

Thanks for your help, Ronni.

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Virtues and girls are most beautiful before knowing that they are beautiful.


I don't want Dorian giving Niall advice.

We nicknamed her "Ann".

Everybody came to work early today.

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Do you think you can get my car running?

Quick thinking prevented the damage from being even worse.

I want to see you first.

Kirsten has been like a dad to me.

She was expelled from school for fighting.

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You have very nice penmanship.

There is no easy process of learning.

I'd so love to visit that apartment he always keeps telling me about.

They smoke.

When is your next train for Boston?

I'm sorry, but I'm not paid enough to give a damn.

Varda has a scar on his stomach.

I get off there, too.

Turkeer will answer your questions.

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How about another beer?

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Scott explained in detail but I don't understand it.

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They will ask you about the party.

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He's very rude.

This package has been left here by him.

Do you still have what we found last night?

You don't have to be nervous.

In dictionaries, "m.n." is abbreviation for masculine noun.


Do you know what this is?

Don't you hate it when she does that?

I'm a natural blonde.


She seemed to like that.

Gloria hasn't lived in Rio for many years.

The boy mocked his friend for being a coward.

For centuries foreign language teaching focused on reading and writing.

Have you ever driven with a standard shift transmission?

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Whether he will succeed or not depends on his efforts.


You're such a hard worker.

Illness prevented her from taking a trip.

Tomorrow the teacher will not attend the class.

I don't really want to go to Boston with Naim.

I want to come to the hotel.

I had the feeling that Bruno was going to be late.

Jess has too many things to worry about.


Hurry up or you'll miss your plane.

I think everybody should try to calm down.

Did you just meet them?

They are going to emigrate to America.

Enjoy the mild weather before the snow comes.

This camera was made in Germany.

This work is simple enough that even a child can do it.

How much time did you spend doing research before you started writing?

I went hiking with the group.

Celia noticed a drunk lying in the street.

The famous building, the Taj Mahal, is in India.


He is not in the city.

He is a famous painter and should be treated as such.

He's got a rap sheet as long as my arm.

Can I carry this on the plane?

Do not touch the console or connected accessories during an electrical storm.

You'd better be ready.

The Union of South Africa has had racial problems in recent years.

It was nice to talk to her.

I've never felt so helpless.

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Did Terri leave something here for me?


This has always been a problem.

I know you were close to him.

Good luck on the test!


Edith can't account for his whereabouts on the day that Irfan was murdered.


I remember those times.

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She prefers the quiet.

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They verbally abused me.


That's convenient.


I'm going to explain it once more.

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I've had enough of your lip for one day.

This story is worth reading again.

I guess that's possible.

We're all tired.

Joon will tell you what you need to know.

He's the perfect man for me.

Since when has he been living in Ankara?

The resignations would have little or no effect on upcoming indications.

Do we already have that text?

I think that she's an honest woman.

This is what I love.

Jump as high as you can.

They conducted the following experiment to collect the data.


He looked back and smiled at me.


There's a movie I want to watch on TV tomorrow night.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Do you really think we should be doing this?

Do you still not understand?

The islanders are asking us for help.


A Mr Smith has come to see you.


Her career was rich and exciting.

I'll look it up.

Does he speak English?