Your family is amazing.

This song reminds me of someone.

I'm glad you replied.

We were just holding hands.

Count your blessings.

She photographed the house.

Gil heard that.

What do you think he is?


Space didn't know that Woody could speak French.

You could buy anything in this store for Brender and she'd like it.

They forced him to sign the letter.

The point of hipster subculture is to avoid conforming to societal norms.

I just want to leave.


Bucky was taken hostage.

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We need proof.

The theory of games shows that what we name "moral principles" are no other than the strategy elements enabling the group to optimise its survival. Men like to dress their eagerness under the guise of charity.

He has been sick in bed all week.

In their language you can write the way you want and don't need to use any commas either.

It was a rumor.

Can you tell me anything about what's going to happen here today?

Sylvan cautiously stuck his hand into the hole in the wall.

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I'm sleepy, so I am leaving now.

Did you know that Mann has never learned to drive?

Judge washed his hands and face.

He disposed of the trash.

Who's their mother?


It has it moments.

The storm abated.

I can't take my glasses off.

I don't know what Shakil was doing.

What's up with you?

You've given me your cold.

Kevan has told me all about you.

He's got nothing to grouse about.

I appreciate your cooperation.

Matti is absent from school today.

Darin hasn't given us anything.

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I returned the knife that I borrowed.

Nancy has been waiting for three years.

I'm sorry you lost.

Why don't you have your bath now?

Jon crossed his fingers and hoped everything would be OK.

A telephone is something you can't do without.

It brings a beacon of hope.

I haven't heard anyone call him a late bloomer in a while. But I do wonder when he's going to grow up.

What've you done to Paul?

I'm shattered.

An old man was resting in the shade of the tree.

This reminds me of a girl.

The story may sound strange, but it is true.


He did all he could to rescue her.

The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.

I've just been too busy.


Ranjit drowned in his neighbor's pool.

Let's go find Dannie.

Stay calm, and do your best.


We believe in God.

Are they sisters?

I spoke with Jimmy this afternoon.

Jason is about to go.

I handed Herve a knife.

The calendar is hanging on the wall.

A light and happy heart is the best of gifts.

I usually go on foot.

He is not a politician but a lawyer.


I ruin everything I get my bony hands on.

I think that you and Stanly could make a cute couple.

Just then she came into my room.

The troops soon put down the rebellion.

How do you make the ball curve like that?

I hate it when Sanjeev does this.

Make haste, or you will be late.

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I'm filling in for Terry.

I finally found my way out of the confusing maze.

He managed to pass his driving test even though he was a poor driver.

Tandy was watching the whole time.

He is rich and you are just as rich.


I remember seeing you last year.

I know what you look like.

That's not true at all.


I'm 27.


Brad doesn't know that Page is a Canadian.

Upon hearing the news, she burst out crying.

We'll start whenever you're ready.

Dylan has hired a private detective.

Gregor isn't too bright.

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What time do you usually have breakfast?

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft.

Parents are proud of their children when they do well in school.

Who's had enough?

He wants a book to read.

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The patient received two doses of medicine.

I am tired of hearing that.

There is a man at the door who wants to see you.


She tried to lower her expenses.


The wind has died down.

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You must also respect the opinions of the minority.

He never saw her again.

The amount payable on the electricity bill was low.

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Manolis wrapped a towel around her head.

You can always improve.

My children don't listen to me.

He may as well confess his crimes.

When I first came to Beijing, I loved to stroll everywhere, but Beijing was not like what I had imagined.

How did it work?

I've already said no.

Forget her.

This morning I have solved the problem, but maybe there are still further problems.

It's unfair that one of the cans had only five, instead of seven, pieces of sardines.

He managed to forbear his revenge.

I think I can sell your old car for you.

The shock of her father's death lingered on and she didn't feel like going out at all.

Why don't you take your jacket off?

I thought you were going to talk to Space about it.

It's a really tough challenge.

Why won't you tell me where we're going?

Maybe I shouldn't invite Alan to the party.

His hobby is collecting stamps.

I met her here.

The Internet is limitless.

This morning I was up very early.

Don't move an inch.

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Burr was not satisfied with Hamilton's answers.

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Go on home.

Roberto did a very foolish thing.

This piece of art was really priceless.

You don't look happy to see me.

He visited his aunt yesterday.

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Are you for or against my plan?

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Can you prove the existence of garbagemen?

I expect he'll pass the examination.

Ole is popular.

It was as gloomy inside the mansion as the sunlight was dazzling outside.

Thanks for sticking around until my father got home.

Jennifer isn't a member.

He pursued his career at the expense of his family.

I mean what I'm saying.

Rajiv has a big test next week.


She has gone out.

Look at that mountain which is covered with snow.

Betty kicked Mat in the nuts.

Let's put it off till next week.

The patient is always complaining of a headache.

It might be said that this is the computer age.

We've been spending a lot of time together.

Freedom Oh yes freedom from everything. From the memories that possess us. From the guts that know what they know. Because of these wounds that chain us to the pit, and the shouts of wings that shatter us.

When the time's right, you'll know.

The firefighters put out the fire on the spot.

Is this your interesting book?

What are the business hours?

And, most important of all, the stone does not tell us what kind of happiness we should find in that house.

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Amarth will come to see us tomorrow.

Stop them.

In case of a fire, use the steps.

The box was made of sandalwood.

It was chaotic.

You liked chocolate.

You were amazing.

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Arlene has been helpful.


Yes, I certainly agree.

The money that Chris has not paid back adds up to a large sum.

When the laundry is unevenly distributed inside the washing machine, it can cause the washing machine to vibrate or even move.

Let's finish this, Meeks.

His story wasn't appropriate for the occasion.


Subra could use one of those, I think.

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You cannot be too careful when crossing the street.

I'm the captain of this ship.

We like to chop wood.

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You should've seen their faces.