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Secured Blockchain Platform, "Designed for Privacy" of consumers !

What Touchstone Offers

Touchstone with underlying permissioned Blockchain framework offers secured, immutable & tamper-proof data structure for consumers to build, validate and securely share Professional, Educational, Healthcare and Personal profiles.

Add Records

Consumers can add their important records in to the blockchain system. These records can be related to education, experience, statutory compliances, health care or any such records

Validate Records

Consumers can validate each and every career linked achievement, be it educational or professional. Enterprises or Education institutions can validate records requested by consumers. Upon validation, records get added in blockchain, which are immutable and tamperproof.


Consumers can securely share these records using email, messaging or QR code technology, for job applications, license renewals, hospitals, etc. Wherever the integrity of data matters the most, touchstone profiles will stand out.

It is simple !

How It Works..

Create profile, add achievement or milestone to be validated, send it to the authority or institution for validation. Validated record gets added to immutable blockchain.

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Our Technology


The platform will have Permissioned framework of blockchain working on decentralized consensus mechanism with support of smart contracts. In permissionless blockchains,

Data Lake

While the profile and other anecdotal details will be part of the blockchain ledger, the supporting documents of those records will be securely stored in No SQL Data Lake, in cloud.

ML and AI

This platform will have embedded machine learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. These capabilities will enhance platform functionality on multiple facets

We are through with PoC and marching towards Alpha !


It was an exciting process to establish Proof of Concept,
Wherein, the records were stored in blockchain and
Supporting documents in encrypted data lake

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Dedicated smart team for Future Proof Platform

We are a distributed yet interdependent team between US & India. Our strong team of developers has expertise in Hyperledger Blockchain frameworks such as Fabric & Iroha. Angular developers contribute in development of UI/UX, where as Spring Java developers, contribute in development of strong middleware and microservices. We use Github as a repository, as well as project monitoring and management tool. This team collaborates, using smart platforms such as Skype, Slack, Telegram, etc.


Udayan Modhe

Co-founder, CEO

Udayan has showcased 3 decades of entrepreneurship through 4 startups, in 3 different sectors, from conception to success. In fact his first job at the age of 21, was his own startup. He conceptualized, nurtured and sustained startups for decades, in IT infrastructure and software marketing with customers spread across segments, i.e. consumer, government, public sector undertakings and corporate. He has experience of a decade in social sector heading organizations in skill development for underprivileged youth. With this rich experience, he brings to Ridgelift, entrepreneurship, out of box thinking and management skills for operations & lean startup. He will serve as business and operations lead.


Vikas Deolaliker

Co-founder, Head (Products)

Vikas, co-founder, serves as the head of product at Ridgelift Labs. He brings deep insight and experience in a wide spectrum of products that bring latest technological innovation to businesses and consumers. He has over two decades of experience in large and startup companies with passion for trailblazing products that leverage bleeding edge technologies. He started his career in 3D graphics and visualization and parlayed that obsession for high performance visual computing to enterprise computing in areas such as converged IO, Java middleware, enterprise service bus, application networking and most recently in cloud computing. He believes blockchain based decentralized computing will usher in a new paradigm in computing and (once again) change the world. Vikas has helped define category defining products at three successful startups and large companies such as Sun, SGI, Cisco and HP.


Developers Team

A passionate Team of Tech-gigs articulating the Creative Idea through mean coding, to build Touchstone. Eager to jump in as FTEs for touchstone. Our team consists of blockchain developers, supported by middleware, UI and graphics


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